3 Signs that You Need More than Yoga to Cure Back Pain

There are a number of ways for someone dealing with recurring back pain to treat themselves. A daily regimen of focused stretching is probably the most common self-care treatment. Performing daily back stretches is a convenient way to ease muscular tension, which often forms in the lower back, shoulders, and neck region. Another popular self-care … Continued

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Young cool beautiful yogi woman practicing yoga concept, doing Ustrasana exercise, Camel pose, working out wearing sportswear bra and black pants, full length, white loft studio background. Side view

Can Yoga Ease Your Pain?

For many years, people have turned to yoga to improve both their physical and mental well-being. It’s not surprising since its combination of stretching, meditation, and strength exercises do wonders in easing stress in the body and promoting flexibility, strength, and relaxation. Many of us view yoga as a form of meditation or exercise. But … Continued

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