Rear view of Asian business woman having back pain while driving a car. Illness, disease, for overtime working concept.

Is Your Driving Causing You Back and Neck Pain?

If you drive yourself to and from work every day or if you usually drive fairly long distances, you have probably experienced back pain. You are not the first person to experience this. About 30%-60% of drivers experience back pain caused or made worse by driving. Indeed, driving can be quite an uncomfortable and painful … Continued

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Smiling fitness class doing aqua aerobics in swimming pool. Smiling young woman with senior couple stretching arms in swimming pool while doing aqua aerobics. Fit mature man and old woman exercising in swimming pool with young woman.

Benefits of Exercising in Water

Most people experience back pain at one point or another. And when they do, it’s very easy to take a pill to relieve the pain. Not many look for other options. For instance, did you know that aqua therapy is an excellent way to recover from back pain? This is especially so if your back … Continued

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