Dr. Matthew Serrick   


Dr. Matthew Serrick is an evidence-based therapeutic practitioner who hails from the East Coast of Canada. After completing an honours bachelor of science degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland, he attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. During his studies, he received numerous academic scholarships and awards.

He is active in the community and has volunteered and raised money for well known organizations, such as “The Heart and Stroke Foundation” and “The Canadian Osteoporosis Foundation.” He also plays in a competitive and recreational volleyball league and is no stranger to sports, and sports injuries. In the past, he has also volunteered for organizations such as the Special Olympics, the Canada Winter Games, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada.

Dr. Serrick is committed to getting to the root of the problem. He uses the most cutting-edge and innovative examination and manual techniques to help patients deal with pain, increase mobility, optimize health, prevent injury, and increase participation in activities of everyday living. He keeps up-to-date with current research, as well as with continuing education courses, so that he delivers, and patients receive, the most current and effective treatment possible.

Dr. Serrick offers treatments that consist of a combination of manipulations and/or mobilizations of joints of the spine or extremities, soft tissue treatments, and an active rehabilitation program. Custom orthotics can also be prescribed and tailored to the individual to correct and optimize faulty body mechanics. Nutritional and lifestyle education is often done to help the patient achieve the best state of health possible. He has cutting-edge and innovative equipment at his disposal, and unique to treatments in Toronto, including shockwave and therapeutic laser. Dr. Serrick will work with you to create a plan of management that is individualized to your specific needs and goals. Everyone from families, athletes, office workers, factory workers, to geriatrics can benefit from his chiropractic care. WSIB and MVA patients are welcome as well.

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