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Lose Weight with Cold Laser Therapy

Back in Balance Clinic and our laser weight loss program: Weight loss with Laser Acupuncture

Our weight loss program works by stimulating particular acupuncture points in the ear that will suppress your cravings, control your appetite food cravings, accelerate your metabolic process and boost your present diet and exercise program.

Laser treatments are safe, reliable and have a good success rate when combined with exercise, dietary changes, and stress reduction, although individual results may differ.

  • Accelerate your metabolism
  • Reduce your hunger
  • Manage your hunger food cravings
  • Enhance your endorphin levels
  • The pounds and inches will certainly look after themselves.
  • The laser treatment works as a hunger suppressant, reducing cravings.

Cold, soft, non-invasive laser beams are directed at 37 points on the body– just like acupuncture, however with out needles. You will sit in a comfy recliner while a professional points beams at the pointers of your fingers and toes, and at points on your knees and elbows. Cold lasers, also known as low level lasers, promote the metabolic process and turn on the body to use food successfully rather than keeping it as fat.

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