Can Yoga Ease Your Pain?

For many years, people have turned to yoga to improve both their physical and mental well-being. It’s not surprising since its combination of stretching, meditation, and strength exercises do wonders in easing stress in the body and promoting flexibility, strength, and relaxation. Many of us view yoga as a form of meditation or exercise. But did you know that yoga can also help you with your pain? Recently, a number of studies have been published, showing the effects of yoga on low back pain and chronic pain. Every study showed that there were benefits apparent in both short-term and long-term degrees. [...]

What You Can Do for Your Back Health in 2018

Did you know that 80% of adults suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives? Some experience neck pain and upper back pain, too. If you are among them, then you are probably looking for ways to alleviate your discomfort. Well, making a few simple lifestyle changes this year may help greatly. Read on to find out how healthier habits can give you better back health and relieve your back pain. Shed Those Extra Pounds Extra weight adds extra stress to your body. Specifically, if you have excess fat in your breast and belly areas, you are likely [...]


Head injuries have received a substantial amount of attention in the media these past few years. What is it about concussions that has everyone so concerned? Extensive research and numerous practitioners have been investigating this issue, especially with focus on athletes who are exposed to high volumes of concussions. What are the long-term effects? How can you tell that you’ve had a concussion? What can I do to prevent an injury like this?   What happens?   When enough trauma hits the head from an external source, your brain can move away from its safe, suspended space in the cerebrospinal fluid [...]

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Why You Should Work on Your Sleep Ergonomics

Canada ranks third on the list of most sleep deprived companies. For this reason, it is important that when we do get some sleep, we should be in a proper sleeping position. This is not just so you'd be more relaxed but for your overall well-being. After all, it is when we sleep that our bodies and minds get to reset and recover from all the daily stressful activities we go through. Having ideal sleep patterns at night can really help in your journey to achieving optimal health. It is not just making sure that you get the recommended six to [...]

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Practice These Stretches and Exercises to Improve Your Posture

Has anyone ever told you that your posture is not good? Sometimes people don't notice that they are beginning to hunch over because poor posture is not something that you notice at once. Perhaps you are feeling some stiffness in your neck or your back is aching and you just apply a liniment or take medicine for the pain without even actually thinking of what may be causing those pains. Posture is often the last thing that many people would consider the cause of body pain when, unfortunately, it can be the main reason. Being aware of it is just the [...]

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