Jumper's Knee

Jumpers Knee

jumpers knee painPatellofemoral pain syndrome is an umbrella term that relates to pain and dysfunction in the knee. Also known as Jumper’s Knee, patellofemoral pain syndrome is twice as common in males as females. It can be caused by overpronation of the feet, instability of ligaments of the knee, hip internal rotation or muscle imbalance, weak glutes, rectus abdominus, quadriceps, and tibialis anterior. It is extremely common in jumping or running sports, and is described as discomfort around the front of the knee. Pain can increase during activities like going up and down stairs (but usually down).

There are common knee conditions that chiropractors can diagnose and treat as well. These include ligament laxity, meniscal lesions, bursitis, patellar tracking issues, amongst others. These conditions are prime candidates for shockwave or laser treatments, which have excellent success with knee pain.

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