tennis elbow pain

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is a condition that is extremely common in individuals that do a lot repetitive activities with their hands and wrists, such as carpenters, computer workers, althletes, and mechanics, just to name a few. It involves pain and inflammation on the lateral side of the elbow joint, causing the person to … Continued

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Shoulder pain

Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is characterized by a tremendous decrease in the range of motion of the shoulder due to soft tissue contracture and capsular adhesions. The big cause of this condition is prolonged immobilization of the shoulder due to surgery, whiplash, other shoulder and neck disorders, as well as visceral conditions such as … Continued

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Jumper's Knee

Jumpers Knee

Patellofemoral pain syndrome is an umbrella term that relates to pain and dysfunction in the knee. Also known as Jumper’s Knee, patellofemoral pain syndrome is twice as common in males as females. It can be caused by overpronation of the feet, instability of ligaments of the knee, hip internal rotation or muscle imbalance, weak glutes, … Continued

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