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What is Eastern Acupuncture?

Eastern acupuncture is an ancient system of medicine that originated from china more than five thousand years ago. Eastern acupuncture is used in japan, China and many other countries in the East. Lately, it is increasingly been recognized in the west. Acupuncture can be defined as a holistic type of treatment, this means the entire design of a patient’s well-being is assessed, as well as the symptoms. Great value is attached to the susceptibility of the person to stress and his or her constitutional strength. Very fine needles are used in this type of therapy. One of the terms commonly used to explain acupuncture is Qi. Qi means energy.

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The concept of meridians
In traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is linked to the belief that diseases are caused by the interruptions of the flow of energy (Chi). The role of acupuncture is to release this Chi by stimulating the pressure points under the skin. The Chi will then travel through channels known as meridians. Each of these pathways relates to the soft tissue that lies beneath it and to the function of a particular organ.
The pathways of the meridians, which are twelve in number, run in all directions. Each of these specific channels connects externally and internally with a specific organ. The external pathways are the most common acupuncture body points, but they are a bit superficial, but the internal body points, on the other hand, can be properly stimulated to create the desired effect.
Acupuncture and modern medicine
The intricate work of the connective tissue known as the facial system connects everything in the body. These tissues have been shown to conduct energy and they are the biophysical basis for the communication system that is affected by acupuncture. Another concept that provides an additional explanation in the movement of energy is that electric current is transmitted through the circulation system through ionic transfers.
It is well proven that acupuncture increases the microcirculation of the site of needle insertion. The increased circulation has a positive effect on the overall electrical transmission.
Your body is a complete system
Acupuncture views the person as a whole and recognizes the link between mind and body in illness and health. it helps in the treatment of neck, back, migraines, digestive problems, breathing problems, fertility and period problems, anxiety, depression shoulder pain and post viral syndrome.
The hypothalamus pituitary glands are mainly responsible for releasing endorphins and neurotransmitters. These are the body’s natural painkillers. Research shows that endorphins are two hundred times more powerful than morphine. Endorphins also play a vital role in the functioning of the hormonal system. This is why acupuncture works very well in treating certain ailments.

Stimulates hormone generation and overall excretion
The hormones released by the body because of the acupuncture not only relax the entire body but they regulate serotonin in your brain that plays an important role in animal and human nature. This is why depression is commonly treated using acupuncture. Some of the psychological benefits that are observed throughout the body include; increase in circulation, relief of muscle spasms, decrease in inflammation and an increase in the T-cell count that stimulates the immune system.
If there is an irregularity or an imbalance in the flow of energy emotional and physical symptoms will occur. The acupuncturist will assess the symptoms and the general health of the patient by careful examination and questioning. The pulse is usually taken at both wrists. There is a specific position of the radial artery that relates to all organs and it is associated with the energy pathways. If a point is used to settle the stomach, your pulse will be taken to measure the result.
Instead of acupuncture, being viewed in terms of letting something out of your body it can be described as regulating something inside the body. The flow of Chi through your meridians just like the flow of water can be blocked off by an obstruction. In humans, it might be caused by something unusual in the body. When a river is blocked normally, it floods above the blockage and eventually dries up. If the qi is blocked in the meridians then the condition of the body becomes much like the river.
Needling can be carried out in different ways that can be seen to have different effects in clearing the blockage. This depends on the depth of the needle the composition of the needle that is gold, steel or silver and the direction of the needle.
Since Eastern acupuncture approach had been shown to be very effective in all clinical trials done in China, one can depend on the traditional methods. However, many doctors in the west with no exposure to the oriental type of treatment tend to favour the use of modern versions of this healing technique.

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