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How to Reduce Pain at Work

Most people spend their workday sitting at their desk all day. Unfortunately, this sedentary lifestyle is not good for the back. This is why a whopping 85% of working Canadians can expect some form of back pain during their lifetime. Even worse, once the pain starts, it can make it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. The good news is that by learning to listen to your body and by paying attention to you your posture, you can easily prevent back pain, and many more serious elements, from developing down the line. Here are five smart ways to maintain [...]

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4 Ways to Strengthen Your Back

Many underestimate how essential back muscles are for basic everyday movement. As part of the core of the body’s muscular system, your back muscles are literally involved in every move that you make. They help bear the stress of standing and walking upright, as well as turning, bending, and twisting your body. Back muscles are also key players when it comes to protecting the spine. This means that maintaining a strong and healthy back is essential in preventing serious injury. If you suffer from back pain, there’s a good chance that your back muscles are imbalanced. Strengthening your muscles will help to [...]

3 Signs that You Need More than Yoga to Cure Back Pain

There are a number of ways for someone dealing with recurring back pain to treat themselves. A daily regimen of focused stretching is probably the most common self-care treatment. Performing daily back stretches is a convenient way to ease muscular tension, which often forms in the lower back, shoulders, and neck region. Another popular self-care treatment is yoga, a full-body stretching exercise that promotes muscle relaxation and gives the spine some added support.   Yoga is an excellent practice to for keeping a healthy back. In a lot of cases where the back pain is not severe or recurring, a regular [...]

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Benefits of Exercising in Water

Most people experience back pain at one point or another. And when they do, it’s very easy to take a pill to relieve the pain. Not many look for other options. For instance, did you know that aqua therapy is an excellent way to recover from back pain? This is especially so if your back pain is keeping you from doing your regular forms of exercises like running. Aqua therapy or water therapy as other people call it, is known to provide great back pain-relieving benefits when land-based exercises cannot be performed. Let’s talk more about the key benefits of using [...]

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