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Running Gait Analysis

Whether you are just getting into running or are someone who has been racing for years, your running form is something that everyone can improve upon. At Back in Balance Clinic in downtown Toronto, our chiropractors offer a video biomechanical running gait analysis to assess your running mechanics to help improve your running technique, decrease your risk of injury, and increase your running speed!

During video analysis, some of the aspects of your running stride that will be analyzed include foot and ankle mechanics, stride length and frequency, knee and hip mechanics, gait asymmetries, arm swing patterns and more. This information can then be integrated into your treatment plan that can include chiropractic therapy, exercise and rehabilitation, and running specific drills to improve your running mechanics and treat any lingering issues that you may have.

Since running is such repetitive activity, most injuries do not happen during a specific run, but occur due to the stresses placed on the tissues over a period of time. This can be caused by a combination of overtraining, gait abnormalities, muscle weaknesses or other small changes. These variables can accumulate over time and lead to injury, poor performance, and an overall less enjoyable experience running. Common running related injuries that can be helped with biomechanical analysis include shin splits, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, hamstring strains, stress fractures, patellar tendinopathy, IT band syndrome and many more.

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During your session, we will go through a history of your training regime and any injuries you have sustained, speak about your goals for the season, and conduct a physical exam looking at the overall function of your muscles and joints. During the video analysis, you will be running on a treadmill at a variety of paces to analyze your running form at various running speeds and filmed from multiple angles. You can expect to run for anywhere between 5-15 minutes. Please bring clothes that can run in, preferably with different coloured tops and bottoms, along with your running shoes (also bring old ones!).

At Back In Balance Clinic, in downtown Toronto, we can assess your running mechanics, and then guide you through the process of re-training your running gait, to help to reduce running related injuries and improve running performance. We’re here to help you stay active and keep doing the things you love to do.

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