Office Ergonomics: A Summary of Design Considerations

I am often asked how to properly set up an office space so that it is ergonomically better. Here is a list of things to consider when setting up your office space to make the office ergonomics better. Computer workstations: The monitor & keyboard positions, lighting and seating are especially important in preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders & eye discomfort. These aspects should be taken into consideration to prevent discomfort &/or injury. - Neutral posture at the keyboard & mouse-arms comfortably at the sides, elbows approximately at 90 degrees, forearms parallel to floor, knees slightly below hips & wrists straight - Chairs [...]

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Back

Many underestimate how essential back muscles are for basic everyday movement. As part of the core of the body’s muscular system, your back muscles are literally involved in every move that you make. They help bear the stress of standing and walking upright, as well as turning, bending, and twisting your body. Back muscles are also key players when it comes to protecting the spine. This means that maintaining a strong and healthy back is essential in preventing serious injury. If you suffer from back pain, there’s a good chance that your back muscles are imbalanced. Strengthening your muscles will help to [...]

Benefits of Going to a Chiropractor

Benefits of Going to a Chiropractor Living with pain is tough. On some days, you feel like you’re in control and can handle whatever your body throws your way. Then some days all you want to do is stay in bed. You may try to alleviate these issues with medications, but these can have undesirable side effects. In an attempt to get your life back, you look for any answers. Maybe you thought about seeing a chiropractor before, but were unsure of how it could benefit you. The benefits of going to a chiropractor can help you more than you might [...]

Pain After 50 – Is It Inevitable?

It is an accepted concept that once you get past the age of 50, aches and pains become a normal part of your life. But the truth is, even if aging does have an undeniable impact on your body, your age should not be an excuse. Pain is a tell-tale sign from your body that something is not right and it needs your attention. When you address problems when you are younger, you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle and stay active even when you reach 50 and beyond. Over time, your body goes through a lot of stress and [...]

Benefits of Exercising in Water

Most people experience back pain at one point or another. And when they do, it’s very easy to take a pill to relieve the pain. Not many look for other options. For instance, did you know that aqua therapy is an excellent way to recover from back pain? This is especially so if your back pain is keeping you from doing your regular forms of exercises like running. Aqua therapy or water therapy as other people call it, is known to provide great back pain-relieving benefits when land-based exercises cannot be performed. Let’s talk more about the key benefits of using [...]

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