Learn-to-Run: Rating Of Perceived Exertion

Rating of Perceived Exertion I didn't know what rating of perceived exertion was when I began running, and I wish I had. Whenever I attempted to try running previously, my biggest struggle about it was that that as soon as I start running, I got out of breath very quickly and was unable to continue for very long. And I immediately felt like it was too hard and got very discouraged. As someone who learned to run later in my life, and actually took the time to build up overtime, I found out that it has nothing to do with being [...]

How Can I Improve My Sleep?

Improve Sleep: Getting The Most Out Of A Night's Rest We can often take sleep and rest for granted. At times, everyone could do some things to improve sleep. Sleep plays a vital role in our mental and physical health and is necessary for overall well-being. Contrary to many beliefs, the body is not resting while you are sleeping. The body and brain are quite active during sleep trying to restore itself and maintain good health. Deficiencies in sleep can lead to increased risk of mental health problems, obesity, heart disease, and more. Improving sleep by getting enough sleep and quality [...]

Healthy Gardening Tips

Healthy Gardening Techniques: Keep Your Back in Check and Garden in Bloom Spring has finally sprung and with warmer months ahead, gardeners are exercising their green thumbs once again. However according to the Ontario Chiropractic Association, 88% of Ontario chiropractors reported that gardening is the most common troublemaker of back and neck pain during the spring and summer months. So while most gardeners are busy digging deep into the earth, they aren’t necessarily considering the increased risks of aches and pains that come pair and parcel with performing those tasks. Here are a few tips that will minimize the pain and [...]

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Why Do I Need A Chiropractic Re-Evaluation?

The Re-Evaluation Appointment  What is a Re-Evaluation?  A chiropractic re-evaluation for existing patients, also known as a re-examination, is an examination to determine the progress of your condition or to assess a new concern. It includes a detailed history, physical examination including a neurological, functional, and orthopedic assessment, and a treatment if clinically indicated. The re-evaluation is 45-60 minutes in length.  What is the Purpose of a Chiropractic Re-evaluation?  The purpose of a re-evaluation is to determine if the treatment plan is meeting your goals and if progress is being made. This allows the chiropractor to make any necessary changes to [...]


RUNNING ANALYSIS IN DOWNTOWN TORONTO Whether you are just getting into running or someone who has been racing for years, your running mechanics is something that everyone can improve. Having someone assess your running biomechanics, and then guide you through the process of re-training your running gait, has the potential to reduce running related injuries, improve running performance and running economy, and optimize running kinematic variables. At Back In Balance Clinic, we can do a running gait analysis, conveniently in downtown Toronto, to help you with your running goals. Due to the highly repetitive nature of running, most running related injuries [...]

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