“Perfect” Posture

Many of us have desk jobs, keeping us seated for the majority of the day. It can be hard to keep that perfect upright position for 8 hours straight so it is common for our posture to get worse as the day goes on. But what if we told you that you should not hold that position all day? Plot twist, the perfect posture does not exist!

Trying to hold that same upright position all day keeps your muscles engaged and causes them to tire out. This can bring on back, neck and shoulder pain. So give your muscles a break! Do not be afraid to switch up your position, even if the new one is not “perfect”. Ideally, you should aim to switch up your position every 30 minutes. Sit cross-legged, lean a bit more to one side for a bit, stand up or even walk around. The perfect posture is the one you are not in.

Increase Motion at your Desk

If you are having trouble moving at your desk. Here are a few stretches/exercises that you can do to introduce some motion in your work day:

The Eagle:

  • Stand upright with your arms out to your side. Breathe in and slowly raise your arms until your hands touch on your of your head. Breath out and slowly lower your arms down to your side. Repeat 3-5 times.

The Butterfly:

  • Stand upright with your hands behind your head and shoulders sticking out. Gently pull your elbows back while pressing your head against your hands. Hold for 3-5 seconds then relax. Repeat 3-5 times.

The Hummingbird:

  • Stand upright with your arms up to the side, elbows bent to 90° and hands beside your head. Pull your shoulders back. From this position, make small backward circles with your  arms while bending at your waist from side to side. Continue for 10 seconds.


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