3 Signs that You Need More than Yoga to Cure Back Pain

There are a number of ways for someone dealing with recurring back pain to treat themselves. A daily regimen of focused stretching is probably the most common self-care treatment. Performing daily back stretches is a convenient way to ease muscular tension, which often forms in the lower back, shoulders, and neck region. Another popular self-care treatment is yoga, a full-body stretching exercise that promotes muscle relaxation and gives the spine some added support.   Yoga is an excellent practice to for keeping a healthy back. In a lot of cases where the back pain is not severe or recurring, a regular [...]

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A Quick Guide to Spine Alignment

Understanding how spine alignment works is crucial if you want to isolate the root causes of all sorts of back and neck pain. Closely linked to our posture, spine alignment is what literally determines whether we can stand up straight every day or not.   And yet, despite its evident importance to all things posture and back pain-related, there seems to be a lot of confusion as to what spine alignment entails, and what can be done to maintain solid alignment as you age. How is it that so little is written about such a vital area of physical well-being?   [...]

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Reducing recurrent low back pain

Two recent studies published by the medical profession show the benefit on chiropractic care for long term back health. Both studies talk about the value of what is called maintenance care provided by chiropractors. The first paper comes from the Rheumatology and Rehabilitation department in the faculty of medicine at the University of Mansoura and was published in the journal 'Spine'. Their findings across 60 patients with non-specific chronic low back pain showed the greatest improvement when they were adjusted regularly (12 times) in the first month and then following a maintenance schedule (2 times per month) for the following 9 [...]

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Healing Through Custom Orthotics – Part 1

Introduction Every day I treat people suffering with back pain. My patients often attribute this pain to a wide range of factors, but one that is both common and commonly overlooked are the feet and how they impact on how you feel in other parts of your body. This will be a two part-post.  The fist part will take a look at foot behaviours and how they can lead to pain in particular areas of the body.  The second part will focus on current research on custom orthotics and how they can help deal with pain, but also to prevent pain [...]

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Scoliosis: Does it cause pain

Scoliosis is a common condition of the spine and I see it frequently in my practice. It is characterized by a curvature in the spine, usually from side to side. Although it is a complex three-dimensional deformity, on an X-ray, viewed from the rear, the spine of an individual with scoliosis may look more like an “S” or a “C” than a straight line. The amount of curvature can range from a barely noticable few degrees to nearly >70-80 degrees. Scoliosis is most often idiopathic (i.e. no-one knows what really causes it), but there are other types as well, that are [...]

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