Knowing Your Neck Pain

Pain in the neck is one of the most common types of pain we experience. There are instances when we wake up with neck pain with no obvious cause. We may also suffer from neck pain after a busy day at work. Neck pain may also vary - it can be a minor discomfort or a searing burning feeling. The pain can also be sudden and intense or you can feel a dull ache that lasts for days, weeks, or months. Because neck pain is likely to happen at some point in your life, it would really be helpful to have [...]

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Basketball & Chiropractic Care

It is well documented that many professional athletes seek regular Chiropractic care to ensure they continue to perform at an elite level and reach their maximal athletic potential in their respective sport. Earlier this year, NBA Superstar, and Toronto Raptors forward, Serge Ibaka, presented to our clinic and saw Dr. Justin Fowler for some treatment. This post has the intent to inform you, the reader, on what injuries are common in basketball, and how regular Chiropractic care can help.   Watch out for those ‘ankle-breaker’ cross-overs   “He/she broke the defenders’ ankles with that cross-over”. A common term/phrase used when describing [...]

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