Practice These Stretches and Exercises to Improve Your Posture

Has anyone ever told you that your posture is not good? Sometimes people don't notice that they are beginning to hunch over because poor posture is not something that you notice at once. Perhaps you are feeling some stiffness in your neck or your back is aching and you just apply a liniment or take medicine for the pain without even actually thinking of what may be causing those pains. Posture is often the last thing that many people would consider the cause of body pain when, unfortunately, it can be the main reason. Being aware of it is just the [...]

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Minimize the Effects of Constrained Posture at Work

You probably know about this already, but we’d like to tell you once again – those countless hours you spend sitting in front of your computer at work add up and you can expect the toll it takes on your body and your posture.   For instance, if you are doing your reading or typing slouched over your desk, you are affecting the function of your lungs and also putting pressure on other internal organs. This can greatly affect your breathing and your body’s functionality.  Bad posture can also compromise your circulation, especially in your legs.   Needless to say, you [...]

A Quick Guide to Good Posture

Good posture does not only help protect your body against common pains and injuries but also helps you gain confidence in life. Let’s do a quick activity. Create a mental image with these words: shoulders slouching or rolled forward, head jutting forward, back rounded. What can you picture? You’d probably say you see a person who is weak, tired, stressed, unhealthy, downtrodden, and even unattractive. Needless to say, there is nothing positive that you can think of when you picture someone with bad posture. If you have bad posture, don’t think that it’s just how it is and there’s nothing you [...]

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