Back to School: 5 simple ways to take care of yourself

September can be a lovely time of year, the days feel cooler and the leaves start to change. As we begin to settle down after the festivities of summer, we are looking to get back into a solid routine. September can also be a hectic time of year as we prepare for the chaos that is the school year. Whether you are struggling to get your children ready every morning, or fighting for a spot in the perfect university course, I think everyone feels the shift in lifestyle once school arrives. Here are a few tips to keep your diet, physical [...]

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5 Top Cancer Fighting Foods

August was harvest time – time to reap the great veggie benefits that were planted with care in the spring.  While all veggies have health benefits, some have cancer fighting phytochemicals that can help prevent cancer.  As rates of cancer continue to rise we feel our best defence is a good offence – that being a cancer preventative diet regime. While there are many tips and tricks for preventing cancer, we thought we would write for the season, the harvest season that is, so at your next trip to the farmer’s market you can incorporate some cancer fighting foods into weekly groceries. [...]

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