There are 3 major types of headaches that are treated by chiropractors: migraines, tension-type, and cervicogenic. By conducting an extensive history and physical exam, Dr. Serrick is able to diagnose the cause of headache and come up with a treatment plan to eliminate it from it's source. These treatments often include combinations of myofascial release therapy, adjustments, exercises and stretching, and lifestyle modification. Contact our clinic to learn more or request your appointment online

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Stretching and Your Health

Stretching: things to consider for your health and wellness 1) What are some health benefits of stretching? - Improved muscle tone - stretching can help relieve symptoms of muscle tightness. For example tightness in the neck that occurs after a long day working at the computer can be relieved. - Improved mobility - stretching can help increase the range of motion of your body and can help increase flexibility. Adequate range of motion and flexibility is needed to perform a variety of every day tasks, from getting dressed, driving your car or bicycle, or reaching for something on a high shelf - Improved posture - Poor posture results from [...]

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Guidelines for Shoulder Injury

Return to Play Standards for Shoulder Injury The shoulder joint, or glenohumeral joint, is one if the most regularly injured joints in athletes I handle many shoulder injuries in my practiceMost shoulder injuries can be treated with chiropractic care and the client can anticipate recovery Some of the most typical injuries to the joint are: Instability Rotator Cuff Injury Superior Labrum Sore There is enhancing evidence that the pathophysiology of rotator cuff injuries are more complicated than formerly believed. The way the tendon heals has a fantastic effect on treatment and recuperation Tendons are usually injured in 2 ways: Direct trauma-- usually in contact [...]

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Reducing Lower Back Pain

Help with Lower Back Pain Did you know that 2 recent researches released by the medical profession show the advantage on chiropractic care for long term back health. Both researches discuss the value of exactly what is called upkeep care supplied by chiropractic practitioners. Their conclusions throughout 60 clients with non-specific chronic low back discomfort revealed the biggest improvement when they were changed frequently (12 times) in the first month and then following an upkeep schedule (2 times per month) for the following 9 months. After the complete 10 months the group that continued maintenance care had kept their improvements while [...]

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