4 Ways to Strengthen Your Back

Many underestimate how essential back muscles are for basic everyday movement. As part of the core of the body’s muscular system, your back muscles are literally involved in every move that you make. They help bear the stress of standing and walking upright, as well as turning, bending, and twisting your body. Back muscles are also key players when it comes to protecting the spine. This means that maintaining a strong and healthy back is essential in preventing serious injury. If you suffer from back pain, there’s a good chance that your back muscles are imbalanced. Strengthening your muscles will help to [...]

Back to School: 5 simple ways to take care of yourself

September can be a lovely time of year, the days feel cooler and the leaves start to change. As we begin to settle down after the festivities of summer, we are looking to get back into a solid routine. September can also be a hectic time of year as we prepare for the chaos that is the school year. Whether you are struggling to get your children ready every morning, or fighting for a spot in the perfect university course, I think everyone feels the shift in lifestyle once school arrives. Here are a few tips to keep your diet, physical [...]

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Reducing recurrent low back pain

Two recent studies published by the medical profession show the benefit on chiropractic care for long term back health. Both studies talk about the value of what is called maintenance care provided by chiropractors. The first paper comes from the Rheumatology and Rehabilitation department in the faculty of medicine at the University of Mansoura and was published in the journal 'Spine'. Their findings across 60 patients with non-specific chronic low back pain showed the greatest improvement when they were adjusted regularly (12 times) in the first month and then following a maintenance schedule (2 times per month) for the following 9 [...]

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Healing Through Custom Orthotics – Part 1

Introduction Every day I treat people suffering with back pain. My patients often attribute this pain to a wide range of factors, but one that is both common and commonly overlooked are the feet and how they impact on how you feel in other parts of your body. This will be a two part-post.  The fist part will take a look at foot behaviours and how they can lead to pain in particular areas of the body.  The second part will focus on current research on custom orthotics and how they can help deal with pain, but also to prevent pain [...]

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Hip Pain

Hip pain can be caused by a variety of conditions. Hip pain can be very debilitating due to the fact that much of the forces absorbed by our bodies through activities such as walking and sports, are absorbed in the hip joint. The most common condition aftecting the hip is osteoarthritis, which can cause pain and stiffness and occurs primarily in the elderly. Other conditions can result from imbalances and dysfunction in muscles surrounding the hip such as psoas, hip adductors, gluteals, quads, and the iliotibial band. Chiropractors are able to diagnose these conditions, as well as many others, and design [...]

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