Doctor examining and giving physiotherapy to pregnant woman

Chiropractic Care for Expectant Mothers

Ask any mother and she will tell you – pregnancy can really put a major strain on a woman’s body. An average-weight female will gain anywhere from 25 to 35 pounds during her pregnancy. That’s a lot of extra stress placed on the body! Add to this, the hormonal and vascular changes that take place during pregnancy and it’s no wonder that it is pretty common for pregnant women to experience increased levels of discomfort. In fact, studies show that about 50 percent of all mothers-to-be suffer from lower back pain and many suffer from irritation to the sciatic nerve as well.

Just because back pain and discomfort are considered normal during pregnancy, does this mean expectant mothers should endure it all and wait for it to pass? No! Chiropractic care can help.

Even before pregnancy, regularly visiting your trusted chiropractor can help detect any imbalances in the pelvis region that may contribute to your discomfort when you get pregnant.

Many pregnant women agree that chiropractic adjustments can provide relief from back pain. This type of care is non-invasive and since many medications are off-limits in pregnancy, it’s a nice option to have!

By receiving chiropractic care on a regular basis throughout your pregnancy, you may also be able to reduce other elements that can cause discomfort and pain. For instance, making sure the joints of the pelvis are moving well and certain muscles aren’t too tight can allow for more room for your growing baby. This has been considered a factor by many women in reducing their risk of breech birth or C-section.

Once baby arrives, many women experience joint pain and discomfort from the birth itself. Chiropractic care can help alleviate that pain. It can also address any joint problems or strain that may arise from lifting or carrying your baby, and headaches and body pains often associated with pregnancy, childbirth, or nursing your new little one.

If you are interested in chiropractic care before, during, or after your pregnancy, you can always contact Back in Balance! We provide excellent chiropractic care for expectant mothers. Call us today!

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