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Downtown Toronto Chiropractor Fees

Benefit from the care of our highly trained Chiropractors and experience relief from pain and alignment issues.  We’re easy to get to, located in the heart of downtown Toronto.

  • Initial Assessment – $120
  • Follow Up Visit – $60-$100 (Cost varies depending on the type of treatment needed)
  • Adjustment Only- $45

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Change your thinking and your health.

Join the millions of Canadians who have not just found relief from pain in the back, however likewise a path to wellness with chiropractic’s natural, drug-free approach to healthcare.

Your spinal column, comprised of 24 independent vertebrae, is exactly what permits your body to move, twist, and bend through every motion of your busy day. It likewise frames and helps secure the delicate central nervous system that manages and coordinates every muscle, tissue and organ of the body. This is why our team believe the primary step to an active lifestyle is an appropriately operating spine.

When two or more vertebrae aren’t operating together properly, it is exactly what numerous chiropractic doctors refer to as a joint restriction or a misalignment. These restrictions are in fact joint dysfunctions that can cause you to experience pain, discomfort, decreased mobility, or lots of other signs and conditions. Joint dysfunctions frequently go undetected and can cause miscommunication in between your brain and body.

Joint Dysfunctions in the spine might eventually lead to symptoms in other parts or joints of the body. The absence of pain is not a sign of health.

Benefits of regular chiropractic care may consist of any of the following:

  1. Enhanced Nerve Communication in the Body
  2. Improved Joint Movement and Coordination
  3. Enhanced Physical Function and Efficiency
  4. Improved Posture
  5. Relief from Back and Neck Pain
  6. Relief from Leg, Knee, Foot and Ankle Pain
  7. Relief from Arm, Wrist, Shoulders or Elbow Pain
  8. Relief from Tension and Tension Disorders
  9. Relief from Joint Pain
  10. Relief from Bursitis
  11. Relief from Arthritis
  12. Relief from Chronic Injuries

Our licensed chiropractors in downtown Toronto promote continuous wellness by improving spine and joint function frequently leading to a much healthier, more active way of life. With routine modifications, chiropractic offers a host of preventative health benefits, and is vital for keeping your body well balanced, versatile and operating at its best. Everyone, from growing kids to active elders, can gain from routine chiropractic care. With our hassle-free areas, extended hours, no consultations policy and inexpensive wellness plans, choosing chiropractic take care of the health of you and your household has actually never been much easier.

Did You Know?

Pain in the back is the second most typical neurological disorder in the United States – only headache is more typical.

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Get in touch: 2 Carlton St., Suite 1522 Toronto.

Call: 416-660-9932

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