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Myofascial Release Therapy in Toronto

Myofascial release therapy is often performed to localized areas of complaint in tandem with chiropractic treatments. Like a deep massage, myofascial release therapy works on trigger points or tight bands of muscle that have built up toxins such as lactic acid, and render the muscle dysfunctional. It can help relax the tight bands of muscles, break up scar tissue from micro-trauma, restore blood flow and lymphatic drainage, and help restore motion to the area.

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Myofascial Release: What are the Benefits?

Intense exercise and changes in physical routines could result in pain and occasional soreness. This is different from chronic muscle pain. If it degenerates to chronic pain, you have to find a long-term remedy with the least negative side effects. Myofascial release therapy is an effective alternative.
How the symptoms come about
Most patients complain of repeated muscle contraction due to physical emotional stress you submit your body to with every physical activity you undertake. The muscle contraction and tightening inhibits your motion and degenerate down to pain should you try to move abruptly. Even though this condition affects both genders, women are more susceptible in comparison to their male counterparts. The therapy treatment works equally in both cases. In case you feel a steadily worsening pain or continuous muscle ache, you should consider regular myofascial release therapy.
Increase in blood flow
It is medically proven that regular myofascial release therapy can increase blood pumping and vascular functions. By eliminating knots and adhesions in the fascia, the therapy opens up your blood vessels improving your blood flow. Varied techniques used in this therapy keep the muscles and connective tissues hydrated. This translates to faster healing in case the pain resulted from the injury or accidental trauma.
Enhances muscular range motion and reduces muscular soreness
The therapy is effective in increasing the range of muscular motion without reducing muscle force or activity. It breaks down fascia adhesions triggering connective tissues and muscles to move freely. This fosters better exercise because of reduced muscle restriction during activity. Less soreness is experienced when muscles and connective tissues have better blood circulation.
Maintains a normal functioning muscular length
The regular therapy reduces tension in the myofascial network. This means that the muscles return to their normal/ average length thus improving muscle function since there will be no inconsistencies.
Encourages better lymph movement
The lymph system is a crucial component of your body since it helps fight diseases and infection. However, for an effective functioning, the lymph requires pressure to move the fluids in its system. Regular myofascial release therapy encourages the flow of lymph back to the heart hence boosting your overall immune system.
Correcting muscle imbalances
Your muscles relax after a session of MFR and fosters an optimal length-tension connection. This prevents muscle restrictions when performing any intense exercise including workouts or similar tasks that involve intense muscular engagement.
MFR decreases pain
The body is physically stressed when it experiences continuous pain over extended periods. Usually, pain evolves and manifests itself in different patterns making it appear as if every part of your body is in pain. Fortunately, myofascial release therapy acts on more than the painful area as it targets all the dysfunctional areas in the body. It enhances the functioning of the lymph, blood system and nervous system thus allowing the body to heal naturally. The body in turn releases natural endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers hence eliminating the need for prescription medicine.
Strengthens the immune system
The body’s ability to fight infections and diseases depends on the strength of your immune system. Pushes in the fascia cause blood flow and fluid flow in the nymph to slow down. Coupled with inactive lifestyles as well as movement limitations due to pain compounds the condition. Regular Myofascial release increases lymph circulation throughout the body, which boosts injury and illness recovery.
Improves nerve function
Fascia adhesions cause tingling sensations, numbness and pain in the arms and legs. With regular MFR therapy, the pressure is released creating a new awareness to the affected region. This effective result is realized in therapies as a combination approach.
Improves blood circulation
Adhesions in the fascia decrease blood flow when they compress the arteries. The excess pressure stresses the heart causing it to overwork. This could boil down to some extremely painful cramps. To reverse the situation, regular sessions of Myofascial release therapy increases blood flow ensuring that needed nutrients get to the tissues and wastes are expelled. Any bodily inefficiencies are eliminated by this simple act. This therapy is what you need to correct the mistake of your choices concerning food, rest and stress which when coupled with the build-up of metabolic wastes hinder the proper function of the body.
Getting the best treatment with Myofascial release therapy
It is important to allow professionally trained physicians to help you through the sessions especially if it is for healing purposes. Different pressure level applications on different body parts affect the therapy’s impact on your body.


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