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Shockwave Therapy Machine: Storz Medical MP50

Shockwave therapy is one of the most effective non-invasive treatments that have been adopted worldwide. It is even more effective when the proper equipment is used in treatment. That is exactly what the Stortz Medical MP50 shockwave therapy machine brings to the shockwave treatment field.

Featuring a strictly compact design that is highly portable and costs less, the Stortz Medical MP50 delivers effective shockwave therapy whether at home or at a medical facility. Even if you own this equipment at home, it is necessary that you get a qualified shockwave therapist to help you administer the treatment in the required manner.

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Shockwave Therapy Machine: Stortz Medical MP50

The MP50’s design is exceptional as all the necessary operating controls are integrated onto the handpiece, making it easier for a therapist to make necessary changes without having to halt the treatment. Additionally, dangerous instances, where the doctor has to look at the machine while continuing treatment, are now outdated thanks to the incredible brilliance behind the manufacture of this machine. The Stortz Medical MP50 machine also offers different modes of treatment including deep impact transmitters for improved shockwave impacts.

Given the capabilities of the Stortz Medical MP50, shockwave therapy administration can only get better. Manufactured by Shockwave, a company that has been in existence since 1941, the Storz Medical MP50 is a culmination of years of expertise, thorough tests and the precision of modern technology. This device was developed in partnership with medical centers and research institutes, to incorporate as much usefulness and improved treatment procedures as possible. The machine is a guarantee that your experience during shockwave therapy administration will definitely improve drastically.

The Storz Medical MP50’s innovative 3-D design is impressive and its clear lines in front administer shockwaves with controlled signal power. This equipment is a shockwave therapist’s dream-come-true, as its reliability is incomparable and efficiency breathtaking. The newly integrated hand control that features all the important settings allows for safer treatments and gives a seamless interface for making changes. The frequency, the number of shocks to be applied and the energy levels can be easily adjusted via the handle.

During treatment, the handpiece enables the shockwave therapist to target application of the vibration pulses on the tissue, which ensures effectiveness. Its compression and decompression mechanisms improve microcirculation, which is indispensable in the removal of toxins and other waste products from the lymph system. Additionally, it enables elongation of the muscle and fascial fibers, a practice that is essential in restoring the normal muscle tone as well as eliminating muscle hardening and shortening.

Ever since the Stortz Medical MP50 was introduced in the market, it has never ceased to amaze by exhibiting its efficacy in millions of cases worldwide. The much wider spectrum covered by the possibilities of this modern equipment has been extended to many disciplines of medicine. Its innovative approach to improving the application of shock waves is the definition of sheer genius performance and its effectiveness is one of a kind. When you visit our premises for shockwave therapy, our certified shockwave therapy practitioners will use this advanced treatment equipment to provide effective therapy that guarantees a faster recovery.

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