Most people experience back pain at one point or another. And when they do, it’s very easy to take a pill to relieve the pain. Not many look for other options. For instance, did you know that aqua therapy is an excellent way to recover from back pain? This is especially so if your back pain is keeping you from doing your regular forms of exercises like running.

Aqua therapy or water therapy as other people call it, is known to provide great back pain-relieving benefits when land-based exercises cannot be performed. Let’s talk more about the key benefits of using aqua therapy.

Aqua Therapy Makes Your Core Muscles Stronger

Exercising while you are in water will make your body weight seem reduced because of the buoyancy effects of the water itself. This helps relieve pressure from the area that is affected by pain and let you do exercises that can make core muscles in your back and trunk stronger. Because aqua therapy also provides you with support for your body weight, it allows you to improve range of motion through body positioning that would be too painful to do with land-based exercises. Conditioning and strengthening your core muscles can help relieve back pain and improve posture at the same time.

Aqua Therapy Lowers the Risk of Re-Injury

Water provides a gentle substrate in which you can stretch and do exercises using aqua therapy programs. It does provide some friction against your body, but it is that viscosity effect that reduces the risk of further damaging the injured part of your back.

Aqua Therapy Helps Improve Cardiovascular Function

Swimming for exercise, especially if it’s a part of a cross-training method can give you really good cardio endurance. The hydrostatic forces that are provided by aqua therapy can improve cardiovascular efficiency. Doing exercises in water also enhances your heart and lung performance and improves blood circulation.

Aqua Therapy Offers Pain Relief

If you have ever suffered from back pain then you know how lifestyle-altering it can be. It can affect your normal activities, even the quality of your sleep and of course, what exercises you can do.  Aqua therapy can help diminish back pain and also relax every part of our body, including your mind!

Back pain is not something that you should ignore. If you’re suffering from back pain, you can try aqua therapy for relief. Of course, you should also visit Back in Balance! We can address that back pain and help you achieve better back health!