The Re-Evaluation Appointment 

What is a Re-Evaluation? 

A chiropractic re-evaluation for existing patients, also known as a re-examination, is an examination to determine the progress of your condition or to assess a new concern. It includes a detailed history, physical examination including a neurological, functional, and orthopedic assessment, and a treatment if clinically indicated. The re-evaluation is 45-60 minutes in length. 

Orthopedic testing

What is the Purpose of a Chiropractic Re-evaluation? 

The purpose of a re-evaluation is to determine if the treatment plan is meeting your goals and if progress is being made. This allows the chiropractor to make any necessary changes to the plan of care based on your goals, revise the diagnosis, and suggest any further investigations if necessary. 

When is a Chiropractic Re-evaluation Required?

The College of Chiropractors of Ontario’s Standard of Practice requires any chiropractor to do a re-evaluation visit when clinically required or at least no later than each 24th visit. Clinically required would include when you present with new symptoms indicating something else might be going on, a new concern, or if you haven’t seen the chiropractor in a year. You might think an episode of back pain feels like the same episode from a year ago, but that is not always the case. Over time our biological, psychological, and social health can change, requiring the chiropractor to get an updated history and physical examination to properly diagnose the condition and rule out non-musculoskeletal causes of pain.

How Do Chiropractic Re-Evaluations Benefit You?   

Overall, the re-evaluation is to benefit the patient to ensure they are receiving high-quality chiropractic care that is indicated for their condition. The chiropractor’s job is to diagnose musculoskeletal conditions and to rule out any sinister causes of pain to the best of their ability. A re-evaluation will provide you with more answers and clarity about your pain, give you the opportunity to discuss your goals, fears, and expectations of treatment. 

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