Minimize the Effects of Constrained Posture at Work

You probably know about this already, but we’d like to tell you once again – those countless hours you spend sitting in front of your computer at work add up and you can expect the toll it takes on your body and your posture.


For instance, if you are doing your reading or typing slouched over your desk, you are affecting the function of your lungs and also putting pressure on other internal organs. This can greatly affect your breathing and your body’s functionality.  Bad posture can also compromise your circulation, especially in your legs.


Needless to say, you should avoid developing MSK conditions when you’re at work. Here we’d like to share with you some helpful tips on how you can maintain a healthy spine and minimize the effects of constrained posture at work:


Set Up and Ergonomic Space

You should place your computer monitor in a spot where it would be at eye level. This way you can avoid tilting your head up or slouching. Adjust your chair, keyboard, and mouse in a way that you can keep your arms in a relaxed position. Try to keep your elbows at an “open” angle.


Watch What You Carry and How You Carry

Do you take your laptop to and from work every single day? Then you should be aware of how the weight of is distributed. Often, laptop bags are worn over one shoulder. What you might not know is that doing so can take a toll on your spine and increase the risk of injury. You can prevent further strain on your body by using a properly fitted backpack instead.



Doing simple stretches every once in a while can help you release the tension in your back and shoulders. Even if you can’t actually stand to do the stretches, performing them while sitting is enough to relieve some strain from your back and help promote blood flow.


Use Your Breaks Wisely

It can be tempting to spend your 15-minute breaks catching up with colleagues, tweeting, or munching on a sandwich. However, we advise that you use those breaks to walk around the office or do something more active. Walking around can help relieve the strain of sitting for prolonged periods. There are apps that you can download with videos of great short exercises that you can do in your office or workstation.  Look for one with a program that you like!


It’s too easy to get wrapped up in work and forget about everything else (including your posture). That doesn’t mean you should neglect your back and your posture. Your body can greatly benefit from even the lightest and shortest physical activities. Add those activities to your daily work routine, observe proper posture, and tweak your workstation a bit, and your back will definitely thank you. You can also call your trusted chiropractor from Back in Balance and learn more tips!

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